Awareness of mothers of under-five children about home management of fever in Eid Babiker, Khartoum North, Sudan



  • Amel Ahmed Hassan Faculty of Medical Technical Sciences, Department of Nursing, Alzaiem Alazhari University, Khartoum North, Sudan.
  • Sahar Ahmed Mohamed Department of Medical Nursing, Faculty of Nursing Sciences, University of Khartoum, Khartoum, Sudan.


Background Fever is the most commonly recognized feature of disease and it is also the common
symptom that prompts parents to take their children to the clinic. This study aimed to clarify the awareness
of mothers of under-five years old children regarding home management of fever.
Methodology This is a descriptive cross sectional community based study conducted in Eid-Babiker.
Convenience sampling method was used to include 40 mothers of under-five children who met the selection
criteria. Data was collected using structured interview questionnaire; it was analyzed using statistical
package for social sciences.
Results Among 40 mothers included, the majority (n= 28, 70%) of mothers age group was 20-40 years;
education level of mothers’in 50% was a primary and 50% was a secondary school. Most of the participants
(n=22, 55%) had more than three children. The results also showed that mothers were aware of intensity
of fever and 62.5% of mothers took measurement of temperature at home. In addition, 47.5% of them
administered antipyretics to their children without doctor consultation. Regarding seeking medical care,
87.7 % (n= 35) preferred treatment at home. A mother’s education level and number of children were
significantly related to her ability to measure temperature at home (p=0.01), to deal and treat the child with
fever at home, and when to take under-five children with fever to hospital.
Conclusion The study concluded that mothers of under-five children in Eid-Babiker were aware about
meaning of fever, common causes and preferred to treat fever at home.