Comparative Study of Equations of State

S. A. Abdul-Aziz, A. A. Rabah


The objective of this work is to predict thermodynamic properties of pure component using equation of state  (EOS). Six EOSs used in this study, namely Soave-Redlich-Kwong (SRK), Peng-Robinson (PR), Schmidt-Wenzel (SW), Patel-Teja (PT), Lawal-Lake-Silberberg (LLS), and Adachi-Lu-Sugie (ALS). The pure component used include eleven hydrocarbon compounds from methane to normal decane and four non-hydrocarbon compounds namely water, hydrogen sulphide, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. The predicted properties include vapor pressure, saturated vapor and liquid volumes, in temperature range from triple to critical point. A computer code using Matalab software is written to facilitate the calculation.  The predicted resulted is compared with experimental data. The results reveled with exception SW EOSs all EOSs are inconsistent in the prediction of thermodynamics properties of the fluids under consideration.  SW predicted all properties with absolute average percent deviation (AAPD) of less  that 3.

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