Decolorization of Acacia Seyal Gum Arabic

A. A. Rabah, E. A. Abdalla


This work aimed to decolourization of Acacia Seyal (Talha)  Gum Arabic to improve its quality. The experimental set up consists of adsorption column made of Perspex. The adsorption media is activated charcoal of 350 mm pore size. The adsorption bed is 15 cm in depth and 3.5 cm in diameter. The experiment is conducted for wide range of Talha Gum concentrations (5.5 -55 g/L).  The transmittance is measured for wide range of wave length (350 to 800 nm). The result showed that the colour has changed from pink to colourless-transparent.  The transmittance (%) has improved by 5 to 22% depending on the initial transmittance.  The colour removal is found to have significant influence on pH, and total dissolved solid (TDS) and less influence on viscosity. The pH increased by 1 unit indicating that the impurities are of basic origin.  The TDS is reduced by 20 to 50% indicating the removal of other salts excluding Ca+2 and Mg+2 ions.

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