Use of Aqua Crop Model in Water Management of Gezira Agricultural Scheme

Adil M.Elkhidir, Waleed H.Mohamed


Gezira scheme was established in 1925 and its total area has reached 2.1 million feddans. The general objective of this research is to study the improvement of water management of Gezira scheme considering a new approach. The specific objective is to simulate crop water productivity in Gezira scheme for Sorghum crop, using Aqua Crop model developed by FAO. Field experiments have been carried out in study area (Abd Aziz Minor Canal) during summer season (2013-14). The monitored crop is Sorghum, with two farmers each has his own sowing date. The Aqua Crop model has shown very good predictions of yield and biomass, respectively, compared to actually measured weights of yield and biomass obtained from the two field experiments.  The Aqua Crop model has been applied using 36 scenarios together with other two rainfed scenarios to study the influence of water stresses, different levels of soil fertilities, irrigation options and different effective rainfalls on biomass and yield of Sorghum crop. AquaCrop model can be used as a planning tool or to assist in management decisions for both irrigated and rainfed agriculture to maximize crop yield and biomass by selecting the appropriate irrigation option and soil fertility level.

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