A Practical Power System Stabilizer Tuning for Garri Power Station

Abdalla Elnor, Mohamed Elimam


Power  system  stabilizer  (PSS)  is  the  most  well-known  and  efficient  device  used to  damp   power system  small signal oscillations  caused  by  small disturbances. In this paper, an effective and practical tuning method of PSSs and their application to the GARRI power station are presented. The selection of parameters, such as lead-lag time constants for phase compensation and system gain, are optimized using linear and eigenvalue analyses; these are verified through time-domain transient stability analysis, also the improvement of small signal stability of the station due insertion of power system stabilizer into generators excitation system is verified. Eigen-value analysis and nonlinear simulation results show the effectiveness of the proposed PSS to damp out the local and inter-area modes of low frequency oscillations and work effectively over a wide range of loading conditions and system configurations. The performance of PSS is finally evaluated according the generator's on-line field requirement

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