Experimental Investigation of Methane Concentration in Biogas Productions with Pasteurization Waste

Khalid E. Elshafei, Mahmoud H. Onsa


This paper presents the experimental results of impact of pasteurization of cows dung on biogas production and concentration. Two experiments were carried out in two bio-digesters(1 and 2)of 18.0 litercapacity;filled with 16.0 litermixture,of a solid mass of 4.0 kg of cow dung and cow rumen.Pasteurization process has been conducted on the mixture of digester (2).The two digesters wereput inside a water bath under a controlled temperature 55°C. Digester1 produced an average 425 liter biogas with methane concentration 62% in 49 days, while digester 2 produced 329 liter of bio-gas with methane concentration 79.77% within 26 days.This study concluded that the use of system pasteurization cows dung increases the methane concentration (15-17%), and increase the daily production rate of methane by 212%. Pasteurization should be considered as a technique to upgrade the biogas production which also decreases the capital cost of production of the unit volume of methane.

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