Manual Determination Of The Number Of Theoretical Plates By Mccab-Theil And By Using Matlab: (Comparative Investigation)

Gurashi A. Gesmalseed, Atif Abdelrahim A, K. M. Hamid, Atif Abdelrahim A, K. M. Hamid


Determination of the number of theoretical stage in stagewise distillation is rather important for the design of a fractionator’s column. There are many graphical and empirical correlations for the determination of the theoretical stages, among these methods, is the graphical method of MCcabe-theile which is reliable.In a recent work by Gasmelsed G. A. etal it is approved that McCabe-Theile can be used for multi component fractionation, taking the light and heavy keys as pseudo binary. McCabe-Thiele method requires the condition of the feed, the equilibtuim data or relationship, the composition of the feed, top and bottom product mol fractions as well as the q – line. In this paper the number of theoretical stage were plotted manually by McCabe-Theile method and by software using MATLAB the result of the number of stage were compared and found to by in a agreement. It is recommended that MATLAB software program has to be extended for a complete design of the column.

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