Experimental investigations on the thermal performance of an Evacuated tube solar collector

Sakina A. Abdulaziz


Evacuated tube solar collector can be used in industrial process heat, solar water heating, building heating, and air conditioning, it can provide energy at temperatures up to 100°C above ambient temperature. This study is to investigate the thermal performance of an evacuated tube solar collector and the effect of different operation conditions on the collector performance. Water was used as the working fluid. The ambient air temperature, temperatures at inlet and outlet of the heat exchanger, and the flow rate of water were measured during autumn season for thirteen days. Solar radiation intensity data were taken from NASA database (Monthly averaged insolation incident on a horizontal surface at indicated GMT times (KW/m2) in Khartoum).

The results showed that the maximum temperature which the collector can provide is 84°C, which make the collector, is appropriate for application require temperature reach 80°C. Maximum efficiency of the collector is 77.8%, efficiency increases with increasing of ambient air temperature (in sunny weathers) and with decreasing of mean water temperature, the maximum thermal power of water from the collector is 4369.27 W, and it increases with increasing of temperature of delivered hot water.

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