Effect of Some Chloride Salts on Swelling Properties of Expansive Soil

Magdi M. E. Zumrawi, Alla M. M. Mahjoub, Iman M. Alnour


Chemical stabilization has been increasingly adopted for improving the properties of expansive soils in recent years. The use of chloride salts to stabilize expansive clays has been investigated by many researchers. In this regard an attempt has been made to evaluate the influence of adding three chloride salts (AlCl3, FeCl2, NH4Cl) to an expansive clay of high swelling potential on its swelling properties. Laboratory tests conducted on natural and treated soils include Atterberg's limits, free swell, swell potential, and swell pressure tests. Various amounts of each salt (0%, 5%, 10%, and 15%) were added to the soil to study their effect on plasticity and swelling characteristics. Comparing the results obtained for the natural and treated soils, the increase in the percentage of the salt decreased the liquid limit and plasticity index of the soil. The reduction in the plasticity index values of the treated soil with addition of 15% salt is more than 78% of the virgin soil. A significant decrease in the free swell index, swell potential and swell pressure of the treated soil was experienced. The tests results indicated that among the three chloride salts tested, ammonium chloride showed promising results. It can be concluded that the chloride salts studied had shown great potential to improve swelling properties of expansive soils.

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