Microcontroller Based Heart Rate Monitor using Fingertip Sensors

Sharief F. Babiker, Liena Elrayah Abdel-Khair, Samah M. Elbasheer


This paper presents the design and development of a microcontroller based heart rate monitor using fingertip sensor. The device uses the optical technology to detect the flow of blood through the finger and offers the advantage of portability over tape-based recording systems. The important feature of this research is the use of Discrete Fourier Transforms to analyse the ECG signal in order to measure the heart rate. Evaluation of the device on real signals shows accuracy in heart rate estimation, even under intense physical activity. The performance of HRM device was compared with ECG signal represented on an oscilloscope and manual pulse measurement of heartbeat, giving excellent results. Our proposed Heart Rate Measuring (HRM) device is economical and user friendly.


Keywords: Heart rate monitor; Fingertip sensor; Microcontrollers; Fourier transform

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