Design and Construction of an Absorption Cooling System Driven by Solar Energy

E. A. Osman, K.N. Abdalla


The objective of this work is to design and construct a lithium bromide–water (LiBr-H2O) absorption cooling system with a nominal capacity of approximately 1 TOR driven by solar energy which uses Lithium Bromide as absorbent and Water as refrigerant. The proposed absorption cooling system comprises a roof-mounted vacuum tubes solar collector, a single-effect LiBr–H2O absorption chiller (generator, a solution heat exchanger, an evaporator, a condenser, and an absorber),fan coil unit, a cooling tower, pumps, flow throttling and controlling valves.  A thermodynamic analysis of the absorption cooling cycle has been performed to study the effect of various operating conditions on the thermal performance. Results from experimental work carried out in Khartoum City during October 2015show that the COP of the absorption cooling system ranged from 0.57 to 0.64 while the Chilled water temperatures mostly ranged between 17°C to 19.5°C. Condensation and absorption temperatures were under 45°C while the maximum temperature of the driving water is 83°C. The results also show that the generator temperature had a great effect on the performance of absorption and solar collector systems.

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