Towards better Management of Sediment and Water in Gezira Irrigation System, Sudan

Ishraga Osman, Akode Osman


The one dimensional numerical model Fine Sediment Transport (FSEDT) was developed to simulate the fine sediment transport in irrigation canals of the Gezira Scheme in Sudan. The model was used to understand the sedimentation processes in Gezira canals, as well as for possible wider application. The approach applied to estimate the transport and deposition rates of fine sediment suspensions, for sediments in the cohesive size range has been presented. The model was calibrated and validated using field measurement data at selected canals in the Gezira Scheme during 2011 and 2012 flood seasons. The simulated bed profile of the Zananda Major Canal shows good agreement with the bathymetric survey. The hydro-dynamic part of the model was checked by comparing the water surface profile of the model with that obtained by the DUFLOW model. The results of the two models show good agreement. The analysis demonstrates that the model is a useful tool that can be applied to study the mechanism of sediment transport under different operation and maintenance scenarios not only in Gezira Scheme but also in similar cases.

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