Systematic Software SupportedApproach to Diagnose Oilfield Excessive Water Production Problems

Motaz Saeed, Yassin Omer, Ali Mahmoud, Hassan B. Nimir


Water is an inevitable by-product of oil production. Produced water has become one of the major environmental concerns in the oil industry.  The first step in solving this problem is to correctly diagnose the source of the waterbefore applying a successful treatment. Because of the lack of proper diagnostic approaches, the water treatment techniques have witnessed many failures in their application.This paper introduces a new systematic software program for decision making when diagnosing the water production problems and their sources through a logical algorithm. The software program was named MYA program after the initials of the three engineers who constructed the methodology, Motaz, Yassin and Ali.Case studies were taken from a Sudanese oil field and were diagnosed using this software. It was concluded that applying the algorithm improve the understanding and determining of the water production mechanisms. The program succeeded in giving a proper diagnosis to each type of water production mechanisms in short time without using of any Production logging data. Adoption of this software would result in obtaining a proper diagnosis and consequently an appropriate treatment would be applied leading to a significant increase in hydrocarbon recovery and reducing the risk and cost of environmental hazards of produced water.

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