Developing Regression Models for the Production ofBio-oil from Biomass through Fast Pyrolysis

Limya Hussain, Mustafa Abbas Mustafa


The main objective of this study is to develop regression models in Excel for the conversion of biomass into Bio-Oil through fast pyrolysis. The prime focus is on capturing the impact, on product yield and quality, of a range of parameters such as reaction temperature, residence time along with biomass component and elemental composition. Experimental data from various sources of literature were collected and analyzed based on several linear regression models. Initially, the effect of biomass composition and residence time on the yield and composition of bio-oil was considered. Furthermore, the impact of biomass elemental composition, temperature and retention time on higher heating value (HHV), bio-oil yield and elemental composition were examined. The amount of variability and adequacy of the regression models were determined using the coefficients R2, R2adj, F significance test and the standard error. A total of eight regression models are presented with R2values ranging from 81.34% to99.60%.

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