Programmable Self-Determined Track Obstacle–Avoidance Robot

Amjad H Y. Abdelghani, Mamoun M.A. Suliman


Recent years have witnessed remarkable advancement in robots technology. Along with the continuous development in this field, the demand for a more sophisticated robot facilitating precise motion along a certain trajectory for a varying or unknown load, the control of robot with different degrees of freedom, allowing the robot to perform a given sequence of operation while evading obstacles have increased. A circuit is designed with microcontroller (ATMEG -32) and ultrasonic sensing drive to navigate an obstacle-riddled track with a module–car representing the mechanical part of the robot. The design and procedures for calculating and drawing the straight-line path of the robot to reach destination, and the necessary corrections in the path in case of obstacles are presented, assuming GPS readings are available to robot.


Robot; Microcontroller; GPS; Ultrasonic

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