A Study of the Effects of Juices’ Electrical Disinfection and Pasteurization Treatment Methods

Salma Mohammed El-Jack El-Sarraf, Taj Alasfia Mubarak Barakat


In this paper two different methods of food disinfection were studied and compared in order to realize the best method. Electrical processing and pasteurization were tested in three types of commercially available juice in order to verify their effects on vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) concentration and preservatives (Sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate) after proving that they are not affecting juice's color and flavor. Both of the two methods affects Ascorbic Acid concentration, Electrical processing decreased Ascorbic Acid concentration by 12% compared to pasteurization which is decreased Ascorbic Acid concentration by 16%. No changes occurred on concentration of preservative materials in all samples of juices which were treated electrically or pasteurized. The concentration of Ascorbic Acid, however, is less affected by the electrical treatment method due to the heat exposure time of 40oC for just one minute, while in pasteurization the juice is exposed to a higher temperature of 71.7oC for a longer time of 15 minutes.


food disinfection; pasteurization; electrical processing; Ascobic Acid.

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