Carbon Nanotubes and Their Composites: A Review

G. Goudah, Suliman S.M.A., Elfaki E. A.


Carbon nanotubes have been the focus of considerable research. Numerous investigators have since reported remarkable physical and mechanical properties for this new form of carbon. From unique electronic properties and a thermal conductivity higher than diamond to mechanical properties where the stiffness, strength and resilience exceeds any current material, carbon nanotubes offer tremendous opportunities for the development of fundamentally new material systems. In particular, the exceptional mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes combined with their low density, offer scope for the development of nanotubes reinforced composite materials. The potential for nanocomposites reinforced with carbon tubes having extraordinary specific stiffness and strength represent tremendous opportunity for application in the 21st century. This paper provides an overview of recent advances reported in literature in composites research in the context of reinforcement with carbon nanotubes. Current state of research has indicated the potential of these nanocomposites but at the same time, has illustrated the significant challenges in processing and improving properties


carbon nanotubes; reinforcement; matrix; nanocomposites; processing; polymer; metal; ceramic matrix.

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