The Effect of Late Sulfur Inoculation of Ductile Iron Castings on Nodule Count and Nodularity

Hashim Hassan Ahmed, Hashim Ahmed Ali


The addition of Sulfur in Magnesium treated iron was evaluated in ductile irons. At high levels, Sulfur is known as a harmful element, but is also beneficial and essential at lower levels because it leads to suitable nuclei for graphite precipitation. It also modified the nodularity shape of the graphite. In this study ductile iron was prepared in an electric furnace 100Kg capacity, with the base iron melt. Two casts were done, one without Sulfur addition and the other with Sulfur addition to investigate the effect of Sulfur. A late Sulfur addition during post inoculation and after Magnesium treatment produced, high nodule counts, reduce occurrence of carbides and provide excellent nodularity. These results were recorded by the addition of 0.005% of Sulfur by weight equivalent to 0.005 Kg of Sulfur addition.


Ductile Iron Castings; late Sulfur addition; Nodule count; Nodularity

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