Salih Eltahir Elmarioud Ali, Elamin Hussein


Layout problems are found in several types of manufacturing systems. Typically, layout problems are related to the location of facilities (e.g., machines, departments) in a plant. They are known to greatly impact the system performance. In job shop primary interrelations between operations are identified as to whether or not they require closeness. The criterion employed is concerned with minimization of the cost of item movement, where this cost is expressed as a linear function of distance traveled. This paper studies the reasons for closeness or separation that needed with consideration of materials movement between operations. Due to large number of calculations and arrangements needed for solving facility layout problems, the computer is used as an aided tool for analyzing layout problems. Based on an initial layout the objective is to produce an optimal block layout showing the relative positioning of departments. Pair wise exchange procedure is used to generate alternative solutions via adopting simulated annealing heuristic. Simulated annealing based software system for solving equal area static facility layout problem is developed. The developed algorithm is tested by using some standard problems in the literature.


Facility Layout; Block Layout; Quadratic Assignment Problem; Simulated Annealing;Optimization.

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