Elkhawad Ali Elfaki, Abd Alfattah Bilal, Ahmed Elnour Mohamed Mouzamel


In the automobile differential gear drive which consists of two side gears and two pinion gears, the function of the differential pinions gears is to compensate the decrease in the speed of the output of one of the differential side gear by increasing the speed of the other differential side gear by the same amount. The fact above was used to constructs a variable speed drive using the differential gear mechanism. In the proposed design the speed of one of the side gear will be reduced using an electromagnetic brake in order to increase the speed of the other differential side gear, to which an output shaft is connected. The attainable torque, power and efficiencies were calculated using Microsoft Excel package. The results of this research proved that using differential gears mechanism as a variable speed drive is technically viable and suitable for applications where the extended speed range was required, as in the workshop machines.


Differential Gears; Variable Speed; Stepped Speed; Step less Speed Drive

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