A Note on Effect of Tapping Tools and Date of Tapping on Acacia polyacantha (L.) Willd. Gum Yield in Southern Kordofan State, Sudan

Idris Musa Adam, Mohammed El Mukhtar Ballal, Salih Elagab Elsheikh, Kamal E. M. Fadl


This study was conducted in southern Kordofan to determine the effect of tapping tools and date of tapping on gum yield of A. polyacantha. A two-factors experiment was conducted for two seasons 2008/2009. The first factor was the tools of tapping which comprised Makmak, Farrar and Sonki in addition to the control. The second factor was the date of tapping which comprised mid October and mid November. These treatments were arranged in RCBD replicated three times. Gum yield (g/tree and g/picking) was recorded for five pickings. Economic analysis was done using the partial budget technique to evaluate profitability. The results showed highly significant (P < 0.01) differences in gum yield (g/picking and g/tree). The combined analysis indicated that the process of tapping increased gum production by 88.4 and 79.8% compared with un-tapped trees. The date of tapping had no significant effect on gum yield of A. polyacantha. Tapping of the trees with Makmak in mid November was found to be economically beneficial compared to the other tools and the control. These results could introduce a new source of income for the poor farmers in southern Kordofan because of the wide occurrence of Kakmut tree in the area


Acacia polyacantha ; tapping tools;date of tapping

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