A Note on Impact of Management Practices on Herbaceous Forage Productivity and Carrying Capacity in the Rangelands of South Kordofan, Sudan

Ahmed Mohammed Mustafa Lazim, Babo Fadllala Mohammed, Salih Elagab Elsheikh


The study was conducted, in three sites, at Tillow area, Kadugli
locality of South Kordofan State during three successive years
(2005/2006, 2006/2007 and 2007/2008). The main objective of the study
was to investigate the effect of four management practices on forage
productivity of herbaceous plants. Two trials were carried out in a
randomized complete block design (RCBD) with three replicates, one of
them during the rainy season and the other during the dry season. The
practices applied were: protection by fencing only, protection by fencing
and removal of undesirable plant species (protected plots), grazing only
and grazing followed by burning (open plots). Forage biomass was
measured and the carrying capacity of the herbaceous plants was
calculated. The results indicated that there was significant difference in
biomass productivity among protected, opened plots and/or grazed plot in
the third late rainy and mid dry seasons (P< 0.05) , with the protected
plots recording the highest yields. The study recommends the use of
fencing for protection of rangelands, accompanied with bush
encroachment control, reseeding and weeding as management practices
for improving rangelands in the low rainfall savannah zone especially on
clayey sites.


Management; biomass; rangelands; carrying capacity.

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