Assessment and Mapping of Desertification Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques in Khor Abu Habil Area, North Kordofan State, Sudan

Mohamed Eltom Elhaja, Mustafa Mohammed El Hag, Hassan Elnour Adam, Awad Elkarim Suliman Osman Khalifa, Ismail Ahmed Ismail Fadl Elkerim


Sudan is one of the Afro-Sahelian countries that are seriously
affected by Desertification. Within Sudan, Kordofan suffers most. This
study examined the status and rate of desertification in Khor Abu Habil
area, in central part of Kordofan region using remote sensing and GIS
techniques for the period from1986 to 2008. For this purpose two satellite
imageries (TM January /1986 and ETM+ January /2008) were used in
addition to field survey. The pre-processing and classification methods
were done for the imagery. The Evaluation and the interpreted data were
performed based on the FAO/UNEP Provisional Methodology for
Assessment and Mapping of Desertification (1984). The result revealed
that the study area is mainly dominated by two desertification processes;
vegetation degradation and wind erosion. Also the result showed that the
Qoz (sand-dune) and sandy plains areas are suffering from severe to very
severe desertification, while the clay plains and alluvial soil areas have
slight to moderate desertification. The rate of desertification is slight to
moderate in most of the study area. The percentage of the affected area ranges from 100% in Qoz areas to 8% in the clay plain areas. The study
concluded that the over exploitation of the Qoz lands and sandy plain
areas led to denuded the lands from its natural vegetation, combined with
the erodible of sandy soils texture, resulted in a high desertification
hazard in the study area.


Assessment; mapping; desertification; Khor Abu Habil; remote sensing; GIS

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