Call For Paper

It is a great pleasure to me to announce the new term-in – office, in this issue, and to introduce the new Editorial Board for the Official Journal of University of Khartoum for Veterinary Medicine and Animal Production. This journal could not have reached this phase of its existence without the enthusiasm and great support of the administration of University of Khartoum represented by the Vice- Chancellor, the Undersecretary and the close guardianship and encouragement of the Deans of the two Faculties of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Production. Special recognition and gratitude should go to the previous Editorial Boards for their relentless pursuit, diligence and creative initiation of the first issues. The valuable contributions of our colleagues from Shambat Campus and the other sister research institutes with scientific papers should also be highly appreciated. The referees played an important role in quality control through their keen reviews, constructive criticism and commitments to high standards.

 Currently, this journal has gained a worldwide distribution and becomes fully fledged with its on-line publication and the CAB recognition. Thus, we renew the invitation, in this new term- in- office, to all researchers in the fields of veterinary sciences, animal production and animal sciences to submit their works to enrich and support this journal for more recognition and accreditation.

Finally, we promise not to spare time or effort to maintain what had been achieved and to explore every possibility for further excellence, distribution and reputation. May Allah bless and help us all.


Professor Sharaf Eldin Abdalla Makawi


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