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Warnings over dodgy NSW tradie

by Stephan Summerfield (2020-10-19)

Western Sydney residents are being warned by NSW authorities not to do business with an unlicensed contractor Jack Younes, who also uses several aliases.

NSW Fair Trading said Younes, who was recently convicted and fined $75,000 over home-building and consumer law offences, has never held a licence, but still may be trying to work without one.

"Jack Younes has sought various types of residential building work, including structural landscaping, pergolas, decking, spa installation, fencing and retaining walls," NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rose Webb said on Monday.

"Typically, after he accepts payment, Younes' work is defective or he doesn't perform any work at all. Younes then fails to refund any funds when contacted by his victims."

Younes, who also calls himself Charlie Khouri, Jason Tippett and Jack Tan, has traded under various company and business names such as Universal Constructions & Landscapes Pty Ltd, Dreamscapes and Ikon (or Icon) Landscape Constructions.