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Couple reunited with missing wedding ring 40 years later after new homeowner removes their bathroom vanity

by Ramon Knopf (2020-10-23)

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By Daily Mail Reporter

Published: 18:36 EDT, 1 February 2013 | Updated: 18:38 EDT, 1 February 2013

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Forty years after a couple accepted their wedding ring as long gone after losing it 'somewhere' in Indiana the missing timepiece has miraculously been returned to them by a total stranger.

It was a contractor remodeling a Greensburg home's bathroom who literally struck gold while removing a built-in vanity counter and discovering the band trapped behind it.

Inside a set of initials and a date of 1968 could be seen but it still presented a total mystery to current homeowner Rita Hellmich, though one she vowed to solve.

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Surprise: Rita Hellmich holds a gold wedding band discovered in her home's bathroom after it was lost 40 years ago by the previous homeowners

Mystery: She says that all she had were initials and a date engraved inside to go by in finding its owner

Reunited: Just in time for their 45th wedding anniversary this weekend, couple Joyce and Paul Werner were reunited with the gold band

After some digging Mrs Hellmich discovered that the initials were the same ones that belonged to her home's builder whom she traced to Cincinnati, Ohio.

'We thought it was a joke at first, someone playing a prank,' Paul Werner, that builder, toldFox59 of the phone call he received from Mrs Hellmich.


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'I even said to [my family] at Christmas this year, "I really should get another wedding ring,"' his wife Joyce Werner laughed after the news.

In an emotional reunion the couple traveled back to Greensburg to both claim and thank Mrs Hellmich for her remarkable find, and in the process revisited their first home they built together in 1971.

All those years: It was just five years after Joyce and Paul married that she absentmindedly took off her ring and next lost it behind the bathroom's vanity sink

Matching: The couple, who built the Indiana house in 1971 provided a picture of their hands together on their wedding day, wearing their matching bands

Returned: Just days before the couple celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary, Mr Werner had the opportunity to return the gold band to his wife's finger

Happy couple: Mrs Werner smiles after cozying up to her to husband for an embrace after accepting the ring inside their first home together

'It's like new!' Mr Werner reacted to the ring handed to him in the kitchen before his wife held out her left hand for his help.

Mr Werner easily slipped it back onto her finger and brought her in for an embrace, one that coincidentally comes just in time for their 45th wedding anniversary this weekend.

It was an emotional moment and one Mrs Hellmich says she can relate to.

After the death of her husband several years ago she says she once misplaced his ring too.

Finding it again was a blessing she said and with her latest find she adds: 'It just seems like it was meant to be.'

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