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The best exercises to fix your posture

by Lee Kash (2020-11-08)

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Yoga is one workout that can help improve your posture.
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One of the tricky things about pandemic life is figuring out how to salvage your posture when we're all spending more time sitting, working from bed and scrolling through our phones more than ever. While all the hours you've spent slouching on your couch can't be undone, there are plenty of things you can do to course correct once you're aware of the problem.Exercise is one way you can get a leg up on better posture, you just have to pick the right exercises. Workouts like pilates and yoga that focus on alignment, and working muscles in a balanced manner, will contribute to better posture. 

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"Carving the time to improve your posture will ultimately set you up with better day-to-day form, improving balance and distribution of weight, especially during exercise, and minimizing the risk of injury and muscle strain," says Lee Jay, a certified personal trainer and pilates instructor. If you're looking for workouts that can specifically help target and improve your posture, keep reading below to find out which workout is right for you.