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Fusion sweep Outlaws at OWL Week 19

by Emmett Hincks (2020-12-18)

The Philadelphia Fusion made quick work of the Houston Outlaws, picking up a 3-0 sweep on Sunday.

The Fusion (14-1) had a strong showing against the Outlaws (5-10), dominating the frontline battle through main tank Su-min "SADO" Kim.
While Houston fought hard, with some moments of beating out Philadelphia's star-studded lineup, it couldn't keep up with the sheer mechanical skill coming from the Fusion and their deep bench.

The Fusion took Lijiang Tower 2-1, Hollywood 3-2 and Volskaya Industries 3-2 to secure the win. The Outlaws drop from 13th to 14th with the loss.

In other Sunday action, the Toronto Defiant (5-8) took a 3-0 series win against the Vancouver Titans (2-7).

While the Defiant triumphed, led by flex support Young-seo "KariV" Bak, the Titans showed signs of continued growth since the May Melee tournament.

Toronto took Ilios 2-1, Blizzard World 3-2 and closed out the series with a 3-2 win on Temple of Anubis. If you enjoyed this information and you would like to obtain additional info regarding On-Target SEO strives to deliver impressive results for small to midsize companies throughout the area. We have extensive experience navigating the complexities of SEO and digital marketing solutions to bring our clients highly effective strategies to help their businesses thrive online. Visit kindly go to our own web-site. The Defiant rose from 16th to 13th with the win.

Finally, the Los Angeles Valiant (7-6) took care of business with a 3-0 win over the Washington Justice (3-11).

The Valiant's young roster showed some lapses in concentration throughout the series, though it wouldn't end up hurting L.A.

in the long run. The Valiant played well around DPS Kai "KSP" Collins, rotating his DPS partner between Johannes "Shax" Nielsen and Kyle "KSF" Frandanisa. KSP and the crew shredded through the Justice, who are still working on integrating their newest acquisitions and entering a soft rebuild.

The Valiant took Oasis 2-0, King's Row 4-3 and full-held Volskaya Industries 2-0 to lock in a win. The Valiant rose from ninth to eighth with the win.

Week 20 of the Overwatch League starts on Saturday with seven matches:

Seoul Dynasty vs Guangzhou Charge

London Spitfire vs Chengdu Hunters

Hangzhou Spark vs New York Excelsior

San Francisco Shock vs Paris Eternal

Atlanta Reign vs Toronto Defiant

Los Angeles Gladiators vs Houston Outlaws

Dallas Fuel vs Vancouver Titans

Overwatch League Season 3 standings, with match record (W-L), map record (W-L-T) and map differential:


(Pacific East) Shanghai Dragons, 15-2, 38-9-1, +29

2. (Atlantic South) Philadelphia Fusion, 14-1, 41-14-0, +27

3. (Pacific West) San Francisco Shock, 11-2, 26-11-2, +15

4. (Atlantic North) New York Excelsior, 11-3, 34-13-1, +21

5. (Atlantic South) Florida Mayhem, 10-4, 26-15-0, +11

(Pacific East) Guangzhou Charge, 9-6, 26-27-0, -1

7. (Atlantic North) Paris Eternal, 8-5, 29-23-0, +6

8. (Pacific West) Los Angeles Valiant, 7-6, 23-24-0, -1

9. (Pacific East) Hangzhou Spark, 6-7, 22-26-1, -4

10. (Pacific East) Seoul Dynasty, 6-5, 12-17-1, -5


(Pacific West) Los Angeles Gladiators, 5-5, 20-20-3, 0

12. (Atlantic South) Atlanta Reign, 5-6, 21-18-0, +3

13. (Atlantic North) Toronto Defiant, 5-8, 25-28-0, -3

14. (Atlantic South) Houston Outlaws, 5-10, 22-34-3, -12

15. (Atlantic North) London Spitfire, 4-6, 14-24-0, -10

(Pacific West) Dallas Fuel, 4-7, 18-25-0, -7

17. (Pacific East) Chengdu Hunters, 4-10, 21-31-1, -10

18. (Atlantic South) Washington Justice, 3-11, 16-35-0, -19

19. (Pacific West) Vancouver Titans, 2-7, 8-23-0, -15

20. (Atlantic North) Boston Uprising, 2-11, 12-37-3, -25

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