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What Eleven Inches Of Rain Did Last Week In Houston, Texas

by Lillie Marchant (2021-02-02)

So sorry you needed to experience flooding in Fargo, ND. That's because they go through the Addicks Reservoir which was built to retain flood waters maintaining downtown Houston from flooding. The topography of Houston could be very flat and we aren't very a lot above sea stage. You're certainly doing your greatest! I'm wondering if those "river rats" know of the door flood protection gadgets (as shown in the 2nd video) that are available? Yes, it actually is amazing the facility of flood waters and what can occur in such a small period of time. Most residents had flood insurance coverage. The report disappeared down the drain of those governmental agencies and nothing happened. 11 inches in a few hours as occurred when this hub was written. Fascinating hub voted up and shared. We've had individuals "advise" us to take away our inside doorways and place them on sawhorses to raise family gadgets.

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