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Styling Tips for A Home Bar Cabinet

by Kia Claflin (2021-02-02)

Buying a bar cabinet for the home can have a lot of perks. It adds to the beauty of your home, makes it easy to host parties and lets you unwind with your favourite drink whenever you want to. Many homeowners looking for a bar cabinet for their homes in India, love to invest in a solid wood bar cabinet found in different online or offline stores. Wooden cabinets are stylish and classy and last for decades with their sturdy built.

While choosing a bar cabinet for home is not so difficult, styling it can seem to be a little tough for first-time buyers. To make your bar cabinet furniture look good you have to place it in a location that is practical and allows you to flaunt your bar counter designs. Styling a bar cabinet in a modern home is easier once you have a location in mind for your cupboard. Here are some locations where a classy liquor cart or cupboard can stand and some tips to can style it.


The kitchen is one of the most convenient places to place a bar cabinet. It can help you store not only liquor but food items and dishes as well. A kitchen is one of the busiest corners of the home and getting a liquor cart in there makes a lot of sense as all of the food and beverages go from the kitchen to the table. Also, families and guests usually gather around the kitchen during a house party, so having a wine cupboard can help the owner to serve quickly. The refrigerator also stands in the kitchen which makes getting ice easier.

To style a wine cupboard in the kitchen, keep the decor simple with wine bottles, glasses, serving trays, corkscrews and other tools. You may want to have a simple bar cabinet design like that of Garran by Aprodz. The closed cabinet can keep the glasses and bottles cleaner from the oil and grime in Indian kitchens. The cupboard top can work as the serving counter or you can flaunt few chosen dinnerware that will come handy to serve food along with the drinks.


If you have a spacious home, you can make your liquor cart stand at the entryway to welcome your guests with the trippy happiness that waits inside! An entryway is also one of the best places to flaunt the bar counter at home and its classy design. Be sure to stock up the shelves with enough alcohol, glasses, tongs, mixers and openers so that you do not have to rush into the kitchen when you are serving the guests.

For a small entryway, you can go for a bar cabinet for small spaces like the Buena that is compact yet accommodates enough items on the shelves. You can add a mirror atop the cupboard wall to brighten up the entryway. Decorate the serving counter with a small vase and some colourful flowers or add a small succulent in a pot. Adding greenery can only make it look better. You can also add small crystal showpieces or metal decor items.

Living room

A liquor cupboard in the living room is perfect for those who love to entertain their guests and flaunt their expensive wine collections at the same time. An open cart or one having glass door can serve the purpose of flaunting your collections and also helps in adding some decoration to enhance the beauty of your living room. A concealed cupboard like Nucla can also work as it can be opened to have an extensive bar set up with a serving counter. Go for a bar cabinet design ideas that allow enough storage because living rooms are usually spacious. Thus you will have a great collection to show off and can entertain a wide range of choices of your guests.

A bar counter cabinet in the living room can be decorated with opulence. You may add expensive wine bottles, exquisite drinking glasses, some of the best beers and mixing tools or come up with other bar cabinet ideas to implement in your set up. If you love to add some personal touches to the decor, add some books and magazines, a fruit bowl, figurines, etc. You can add a beautiful painting on the wall above the cupboard as accent decor. Be sure to add bar stools so that there is no dearth of places to sit and have a spacious counter to serve.

Dining room

In most of the homes, dining rooms are almost always busy with people eating their breakfast together, having a chat over brunch or having a dinner party. While sideboards can be sufficient to place dinner sets, utensils and dining items, a wine cupboard can also make sense in the dining room. It can be easier to serve the wine while dining or if you are having a small brunch, you can pour out the champagnes quicker.

A simple yet stylish bar counter in India like the Fruita by Aprodz can be best suited in dining rooms. It can act as an extension to the sideboard and can be used to place a few dishes and glasses on top. Decorate the liquor cart in your dining room with beautiful flower vases and china sets. Make sure to brighten up the decor with enough lighting and create an accent with colourful wall decor or a mirror above.

A Lone Corner

In many homes, there is often a corner in a room that is not much decorated. You can change that by placing a simple and tall bar cabinet that can fit into the narrow space and have enough vertical storage capacity. You can also try a built-in bar in the wall of that corner if you have a space crunch. Add two bar stools to create a cosy drinking nook. You can add a small coffee table as well. To decorate a liquor cart in the narrow corner, choose simple decor pieces like a small flower pot with a sapling or a small figurine. The decor should not clutter the space; instead, add a touch of class with subtlety.

Below the stairs

For duplex apartments or homes, the space below the stairs is usually left unattended. It can be utilised by placing a small yet stylish wine counter. If there is not enough space, choose a simple cart with wheels that can be moved. The cart can hold liquor bottles, beers and few glasses. You add a small chair with a backrest to help you relax while you enjoy your drink. You can add a floor vase as an accent to make the place stand out. If there is not enough light, a floor lamp can be added as well.

Outdoor or Patio

Sometimes even though you love the design of the bar counter for sale at the store, the indoor decor of your house does not suit the style. In such cases, you may place it in the patio if you have one! Many people love to enjoy their drinks while rejuvenating in the midst of nature. An outdoor liquor cupboard can work very well for them. You can choose reclaimed wood outdoor dining table wood cupboards like Holder that has a unique charm and may not need many decors. Just choosing the perfect location and adding some nice looking bottles can do the trick as it has open shelves to showcase everything. You can place two or three bar stools made from natural materials like rattan or solid wood to match the cupboard and enjoy a drink with your friends.

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