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Supplier Of Environmental Test Chambers Based In China

by ragini giri (2020-10-05)

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P.T one hundred sensor is measuring the temperature and excessive precision RH sensor for humidity measuring. The measuring technique significantly improved by using of an repeatedly wetted humidity sensor and this kind wetting effects the self cleansing procedure of the sensor and vastly bettering the service life. Solar cells uncovered to high temperature and high humidity will end in a discount in the output power of solar panels, to reduce the reduction in power generation, the panel must be rapidly changed. Therefore, storage is especially to prevent moisture, keep away from mildew, in order to achieve more correct storage conditions , but additionally want to make use of particular moisture cabinet. Guangdong Bell Experiment Equipment Co. (DGBell) provides every kind of environmental test chamber throughout the Middle East and African international locations.


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by ragini giri (2020-10-09)