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Which Battery You Should Choose For Your Golf Cart?

by ragini giri (2021-02-13)

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Golf cart batteries have been touted in the media as extremely versatile and even acceptable for powering off-grid houses and cabins. Even though this isn't the path we'd recommend for moving off-grid, golf cart batteries do have their advantages.

On account of their compact plates, the 6-Volt or 12-Volt batteries usually used for golf carts are quite durable, they can undergo extended periods of deep-discharge and recharge less effect on lifespan.

Choosing between direct acid and lithium-ion battery

- Mainly, the choice is price-led. The slow shift to lithium is a result of a lack of awareness of its advantages as opposed to any immunity to change. A lithium battery is significantly more cost effective. Aside from saving money, there is minimal wear and tear on your own trolley as a result of the substantial weight difference between lead acid and lithium ion.

- Lead-acid batteries mainly last 12 weeks, whereas lithium batteries have a more guarantee than that. Lead-acid batteries deteriorate quickly and are vulnerable to varying temperatures, especially during the winter. It is sensible a secondhand battery might just deliver 1 season of standard golf. However, lithium golf carts are safeguarded and made to manage at least five years of golfing irrespective of downtime and temperature.

- Lithium golf trolley batteries offer the best option when it comes to size, weight and rate of re-charge. Lithium can accept top-up charges without causing any harm, whereas a lead-acid has to be completely charged each moment.

Further if we take a look at some particular points here's a few notable advantages of lithium ion battery.

- Faster charging

- lower price per round

- Reputable and final five times longer

- Much lighter than lead acid batteries

- Cheaper

- Half the dimensions

- Environmentally friendly

A first-time battery purchaser could be enticed by these deep-cycle batteries, that are readily available at department stores and some warehouses for a very low price. However, while they certainly have their place (think: powering golf carts) they are generally not suited to moderate or high load applications like residential or commercial solar systems. Some reliable lithium-ion battery manufacturer like JB Battery opens platform for Arab world to set order for lithium-ion battery without having any matter.
When it's time to get a new pair of batteries in your golf cart, lithium sounds like a good alternative for many of the popular reasons, including no upkeep and a seemingly environmentally friendly footprint. Taking a closer look, but we could observe that switching to lithium in golf cars, is not limited to simply swapping out a set of batteries.

If you're looking for a battery that will last and that can handle increased load software, we would advise you to search a specific merchandise from lithium ion golf cart battery pack manufacturer, or speak to one of our experts for advice. They will allow you to find the perfect battery for your needs.


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