Vol. 10 (2019): U. of K. J. Vet. Med. Anim. Prod., Vol.10, Issue 1&2

Greetings to all our dear contributor referees, authors and colleagues. This time we present to you two issues in one volume carrying the number 2019 (1&2). When we came to office in November, 2018 the journal was four issues behind schedule. We managed to publish three issues covering the years 2017 and 2018.

During the aforementioned period, Sudan passed through turmoil of crucial events marked by political instability and uncertainty.  Glorious revolution of December, 2018 was progressively gaining grounds. The entire world was dazzled and breathlessly watching the development of events. Finally, despite the great sacrifices, the ugliest, vicious and bloody dictator regime that Sudan ever witnessed was terminated.  

Amid all these irregularities and before streaming back to normal life, Covid-19 emerged and throws its heavy shadow all over the globe. Being, really, the catastrophy of our time traumatizing almost all societies, adoption of harsh official measures of social distancing and movement restriction were required to combat it.  Almost every family bid sad farewell for their beloved relatives, neighbours and friends. As part of all this tragedy, our career lost a considerable number of dear colleagues. May Allah have His mercy on them all?

Not foreseeing a near end to this ordeal, we will strive hard to bridge the gap during this term of office. We wish you all the best, stay well and safe.

Professor/ Sharaf  Eldin  Abdalla  Makawi

                          Editor in Chief

Published: 2022-12-28