Activities that Motivate Students to Learn the English Language - A Case Study at Elobeid Secondary Schools


  • Abubaker Hassan Mohammed Eldaw Assistant Professor. University of Kordofan
  • Wijdan Fatah-Allah Bashir Ibrahim Lecturer, University of Kordofan
  • Abdoelrhman Elshreef Abdoelrhman Hamad Associate Professor, University of Kordofan



This present study was conducted in ElObied secondary schools during 2016-2017. The objective of the study was to investigate the activities that motivate students to learn the English language in Elobeid secondary schools, also, to identify the effect of these activities in achieving knowledge which contributes in improving the English language. The primary data were collected via questionnaires were distributed to 40 teachers of long teaching careers. The descriptive statistic was followed for data analysis. The study found that: teaching students by using motivational activities such as (problems solving, role play, and match picture with statement, communication and conversations activities) are very effective and lead to improving student's level in the English language. The study recommended that: teachers at the secondary level should focus on such activities in their teaching; also, they should give their students’ needs, attitudes, inclinations and aptitudes more importance.