The Applicability of CALL in Teaching EFL Based on Sudanese Universities Teachers’ Attitudes


  • Amir Mohammed Albloly
  • Tag Elsir Hassan Bashoum El-Amin



CALL, EFL Sudanese Teachers, EFL Teaching


This research article tackles “the applicability of CALL in teaching EFL based on Sudanese EFL teachers’ attitudes”. The researchers utilized quantitative and experimental methods using two data gathering tools for the study in question: The first is the questionnaire is administered to (50) different EFL Sudanese universities and colleges teachers, and
second one is pre and post-tests given to an experimental group consisting of (30) students of English in the second year selected from the Department of English in the Faculty Education at the University of Kassala; they were taught reading comprehension lessons through the use of computers. The data obtained from the questionnaire and the two have been computationally processed with the SPSS program to check the truth hypotheses, to reflect the Sudanese EFL teachers’ perceptions towards the integration CALL in teaching EFL and to see to what an extent there is a significant impact integration of CALL on the students’ performance. Finally, Sudanese EFL teachers through this study recommend strongly the ultimate integration of CALL in teaching EFL.