No. 1 (2018): Issue No 1 March 2018


The English Language Institute of the University of Khartoum is pleased to release the first issue of theEnglish Language Institute Journal (ELIJ). ELIJ is a quarterly publication that provides a platform for all those who are interested in English language and its literature, namely English Language Teaching domains (ELT, EFL, ESL, ESP). ELIJ does not only aim at giving opportunities for those who have expertise to give their fascinating insights into the field of teaching English industry, but also a forum for exchanging workable ideas and views.

This issue contains articles in various fields of Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, and Literature, with the participation of researchers -from inside and outside the Sudan. Hoping that this first issue satisfies the need in the fields of Applied Linguistics and Literature.

We strive to fulfill our commitments to serious scientific publishing,which contributes to the progress of research in the fields of language and its various applications in Sudan and the region.

The English Language Institute is pleased to pay tribute to the contributors in this particular issue, specifically scholars, researchers and above all the editorial staff.

Finally, ELIJ highly welcomes contributions from anyone involved in ELT and literary studies, nationally and internationally.

Dr. Mohamed Younis Mohamed                        Dr. Hala Salih Mohammed Nur

Director, ELI                                                           Chief Editor, ELIJ

                                                          March, 2018

Published: 2021-09-23