The Concept of Violence in Frankenstein in Baghdad


  • Saif Latif Manthur



Frankestien, Baghdad, monster, Saadawi


A prize-winning novel in literary horror after the occupation of Iraq, Frankestien in Baghdad (2013) is a story about a monster who is created from the remains of bombing victims, which are often treated as garbage. This paper is about the concept of violence in Frankestien. The paper shows how Ahmed Al This study examines how the monster in the novel gives a voice to contemporary fears of society and what sorts of fears of the monstrosity are highlighted. To illustrate this claim, different roles of the nameless monster in Frankenstein in Baghdad are analyzed. The present study furthermore discusses how violence is represented as the main theme in the novel, how far the supernatural monster in Ahmed Saadawi's Arabic Booker Prize-winning novel Frankenstein in Baghdad (2014) is a social construct and how he has reflected the violence and political dimensions in Iraqi society during 2005 to 2013.